Quick Update!

Here is a quick update of the things I did in my room on Friday, it was a pretty unproductive day because there were too many people back to talk to and catch up with :) I guess it’s a good problem that I love my coworkers so much!

Remember when I got nail aprons FREE from Home Depot? Here is what the nail apron on the chair looks like.

Easy access for books, AND I can always see that the kids have books to read…no more excuses!

Here are the completed pillows (almost). I bought really cheap pillows at Wal-Mart and just sewed pillow cases from fabric I got at JoAnns. I wanted to be able to wash them occasionally since kids make things dirty! I am going to add some velcro to the top flap so that they stay closed. (I finished the pillow for the “egg” chair yesterday, I’ll take a pic of it, so cute!)

Finally, here the plants I bought at Home Depot last week. I think plants make any space so homey! Plus, my kids are in charge of watering them so it gives me another classroom job. (These plants sit in the BIGGEST, brightest window that literally bathes my classroom in natural light, love it.)

Teacher Workshops start tomorrow. Where did summer go! I will be teaching website and iTouch training tomorrow, and SMARTBoard training at the high school on Tuesday…trying not to be too nervous!

19 thoughts on “Quick Update!

  1. way to go amy! love how the pillows turned out. if you want to try a whack at a new sewing technique… you could try big buttons instead of velcro :)

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    • Thanks Karen!! I am in LOVE with Pinterest and can easily “waste” an entire evening pinning :) Keep blogging!

      Amy (aka the Nerdy Teacher)

    • It is a pretty tight fit for a folder…a small notebook (Steno style) worked great, but a full size folder was tight and difficult to get in and out.

  3. Oh, I so love the apron idea! I have been wanting to purchase chair covers with pockets, but they were SO expensive. Now, I can finally give my students more room in their desks b/c they can put journals and workbooks in their every own apron! Thx!

    • Leeann,

      I’m glad that you like the idea! I also had looked into the Seat Sacks and they were way too pricey for me! This was such a simple solution…feel free to pass it along :)

      Amy (aka The Nerdy Teacher)

    • Kai,
      I haven’t had too much of a problem…but I think it’s all in how you tie them on the chair. They do loosen up after awhile and have to be retied, but otherwise they stay on pretty tight.


    • Hi Beth,

      I didn’t intend on getting them for free, I went into Home Depot and grabbed 30 nail aprons and brought them up to the Customer Service desk to see if they would give me a discount. (I think the only cost about $0.50 each, but every little bit helps!). The guy at the counter disappeared for a minute and then came back and said…They are all yours, good luck this year! I was so impressed. My co-teacher said that the Home improvement store she went to didn’t give them to her for free, but they did give her a discount. It never hurts to ask!


  4. I bought the aprons after i read your blog-but they are not staying on my chairs.
    my little second graders keep putting heavy or big books in them and then they fall down or the books fall out. any suggestions?

    • I played around a little with tying ours and found a way that worked really well…it’s a little tricky to explain (See picture in post) but I basically wrapped the “string” around the chair, twisted the two sides together (like the first step when you tie your shoe) then wrapped the ends around the sides of the chair and came back through the middle “hole” and then tied a know around the “twist”. Oh my, does that make any sense? Hope it helps! My kiddos mostly used the pockets for novels, pencils and checkbooks…bigger, heavier books went in their desks.chair

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